Current Group Members

Davide Lazzati

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Davide Lazzati is an assistant professor. He got his Ph.D. in Italy at the University of Milan and worked as a postdoc at the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Cambridge, UK and at JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder.

His interests are the physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts and dust nucleation and growth in the Universe. For more information, check out Davide's CV.

Diego López-Cámra

Diego López-Cámara is a postdoc working on the physics of gamma-ray bursts. He specializes in numerical simulations of the central engine and the jet-star interaction.

David W. Fallest

Dave Fallest is postdoc working on dust nucleation in stellar explosions. He is studying dust nucleation and growth in supernova explosions in the high-z universe.

Lin Ning

Lin Ning is a Ph.D. student working on numerical simulations of the early afterglow phase.

Atul Chhotray

Atul Chhotray is a Ph.D. student working on the theoretical aspects of the GRB prompt emission, focusing on Monte Carlo simulations of scattering-dominated plasma.

Chris Mauney

Chris Mauney is a Ph.D. student working on DFT calculations of the structural and optical properties of carbon clusters.

Matt Gronke

Matt Gronke is an undergraduate student working on outreach activities.

Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Khan is an undergraduate student working on the dust formation in 1D models of supernova explosions.

Ben Beaumont, Helen Meskhidze, and Cliff Masdea

are URCA students working with Dr. Lazzati

Brad Bondurant and Trevor Howarth

are recent NCSSM graduates working with Dr. Lazzati on a dust nucleation project


  • Chris Blackwell (Undergraduate research award, Spring 2010-Summer 2011, now a graduate student at UAH)
  • Adam Keith (Undergraduate research award, Spring 2009-Fall 2010; NC Space grant, Honors grant, now a graduate student at CU Boulder)